Hello, I’m Clare Willcocks, an artist and illustrator based in North Devon where I live with my partner and our two children.

I can’t narrow down my inspiration to a single thing, because I find inspiration in everything! The beautiful North Devon coast, nature, people, buildings, animals…anything has the potential to be the seed of a new painting. I keep notebooks full of ideas, so when I find myself with a quiet moment, I dive in and start work on whatever I feel moved to create at that moment.

I work in watercolour (sometimes with linework in ink) and gouache – both completely different mediums but equally fun to use. I love the feeling of drawing and painting by hand, but I do also work digitally.

I enjoy a balance of painting commissions and creating my independent work. My illustration commissions include food, portraits, buildings and maps as well as any interesting subjects my clients like to throw my way! I take on both commercial and personal illustration commissions, so please get in touch if you have a piece in mind.

In my free time I love adventures with my family, looking after my menagerie of succulents and house plants, and sketching just for fun!